Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Update from the Chief

FROM: The Grand Pooh-Bah Luli A.
TO: The Luli Arroyo Internet Brigade
RE: The Fulfillment of Our Grand Plan

I think it’s time we took a breather and looked back on what we’ve accomplished in the past twelve months.

When I conceived the Luli Arroyo Internet Brigade, I saw a long fight ahead. I pictured sleepless nights replying point by point to every destabilizer-with-an-internet-connection. I looked at the task ahead, and despaired.

However, it’s taken surprisingly little effort to achieve our intended goals. Why? Because our enemies have been doing our job for us.

To wit:

The partnership between the Communists, the Cory faction, and the Erap/FPJ faction: a master-stroke in undermining credibility. I wish I could take credit for it, and I commend you, my agents, for keeping a straight face as Jinggoy and Cory stood together in solidarity against my mom. I wish I’d thought of putting Guingona and Erap back together, as if the impeachment never happened. They shot themselves in the foot – we didn’t even need to pull the trigger!

OK, so I thought we still had the Church to contend with – but my worries vanished when that Bishop fulsomely apologized to Erap for that little misunderstanding called Edsa II. Problem solved – and we didn’t even lift a finger!

Credibility-reducing hyperbole. And I thought I’d seen it all when Imee Marcos all but accused my mom of being a “liar and thief”. But when the destabilizers began to bandy around words like “worse than Martial Law” to refer to my mom’s presidency, I knew the movement had jumped the shark!

Mission accomplished? Hell no! There’s quite a ways to go. But it looks like they’re saving us the trouble: the more our opponents come out looking like they’ve forgotten to take their Tourette’s medication, the more their media sympathizers cry wolf, the more they substitute wacky conspiracy theories for astute analysis – all the more they defeat themselves!

Cringeworthy public appearances. We’ve already talked about the strange bedfellows of the Left and Right uniting against the government. Scratch that. I’m talking about the Black and White Movement’s regular Friday tea parties-cum-public protests. I’m talking about Maria Theresa Pangilinan throwing a tantrum at her own graduation. I’m talking about every single instance where the destabilizers get together to wave flags and choke traffic, and piss off the undecided who would otherwise be attracted to their cause.

The reactions to the people’s overwhelming non-reaction have come in two flavors – “Gloria’s people are working against us to keep us down”, or “Fuck the middle class, they can’t take a hint.” Neither of which are even close to the truth. But, brigadiers, we want them to keep believing this. We want them to keep believing that the Luli Arroyo Internet Brigade has been largely responsible for the utter silence that greets them every time they enter a Starbucks in a black shirt. We want them to believe they can “rearrange the furniture” around an apathetic middle class. The greater the gulf between the opposition and reality, the more successful we shall become!

Stay vigilant, my agents – in time, the opposition, for all intents and purposes, will BE the Luli Arroyo Internet Brigade!

Love and kisses,

LULI A. (My Mommy right or wrong!)

This directive was originally posted in Stepping on Poop.


Blogger maybagongbuhay said...

Wanna see something REALLY hysterical? See the replies of "maybagongbuhay" to Rummel Pinera especially with the Avril Lavigne comment. This is really funny! Click Here!

There is this poser named "Rummel Pinera" who keeps posting "pagmamatalino" stuff all over the Internet but just makes a fool of himself. Just like the BnW movement (parang "loose bowel movement" ang dating ano?). Si "maybagongbuhay" ang kontra sa BnW at si Rummel Pinera ang nagde-defend sa mga kapwa niya tukmol. See it! Yan kasi, may Avril Lavigne pang nalalaman eh.

5:17 PM

Anonymous Juan Agila said...

The trail of blood leads to Malacañang
Luis G. Jalandoni
Negotiating Panel
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
May 30, 2006

The killing machine of the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime has claimed its 605th victim in Sotero "Ka Teroy" Llamas. Ka Teroy was killed in cold blood on the morning of May 29 by two motorcycle-borne assassins in Barangay Tagas, Tabaco City. Also wounded in the attack was his driver, Marciano Bitara. This cowardly killing of Ka Teroy by one of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s death squads deserves the strongest condemnation of all Filipinos.

Ka Teroy served as adviser to the negotiating panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). As adviser to the NDFP, Ka Teroy was covered by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) signed by both the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. As holder of JASIG document of identification, Ka Teroy should be protected by the JASIG.

In early 2000, Ka Teroy opted to join the legal mass movement and participated in the 2004 elections by running under an opposition party for local office in the Bicol region.

Until he was arrested by the military in 1995, Ka Teroy was secretary of the Bicol Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines. He led the work of the CPP in the Bicol region for a long period.

Ka Teroy was a product of the upsurge of student activism in the early 70s that was sparked by the First Quarter Storm. He joined the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) while a college student in Albay. As a student activist, Ka Teroy joined other KM members in immersing themselves among the peasant masses to learn about their problems and support them in their struggles against landgrabbers. When Martial Law was declared in 1972, he was one among the many student activists who answered the call of the Party to go to the countryside to work as fulltime revolutionaries among the peasant masses.

Ka Teroy was one of the pioneers who opened up the first guerrilla zones of the New People’s Army in Albay. He was there when the revolutionary movement in Bicol underwent some of the most critical periods in the 1970s and in the subsequent solid advances that started in the 1980s. Under Ka Teroy’s leadership, the revolutionary movement in Bicol achieved great advances in its work both in the cities and in the countryside. That made him one of the most wanted men by the reactionary state which put a prize of 5 million pesos on his head dead or alive. He was captured in a firefight suffering a gunshot wound on his chest on May 17, 1995. He was subsequently released through the peace negotiations.

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines strongly condemns Ka Teroy’s murder and the almost daily killings of leaders and members of the left movement, political party lists, the media and the church. These killings reveal the fascist character of the Arroyo regime. The regime targets the open legal mass movement and leaves no arena for dissent. It criminalizes and cracks down on the opposition by invoking the US-scheme "war on terror". The impunity by which the killings are perpetrated is a manifestation of the hatred of the regime to any opposition to its rule.

The regime puts up the communist bogey to rationalize the killings but no one is buying it, not even the government’s own Commission on Human Rights, not the media, not the international community, and especially not the Filipino people.

No matter how the government and military officials lie, spin and twist the truth, the trail of blood of the victims of these cowardly killings leads to the very doorstep of Malacañang. For it was in the presidential palace that Macapagal-Arroyo, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez, Gen. Jovito Palparan and other high-ranking military and police officials concocted the plans to eradicate the left and opposition at whatever cost.

The pattern of the killings today is reminiscent of the killings in the latter half of the 1980s under the Aquino regime with the same modus operandi: military assassins on motorcycles, targeting and killing leaders and members of the left and progressive political party. In 1986, the target was Partido ng Bayan, whose six congressional candidates fell victims to these assassins. General Ermita was deputy chief of staff for operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during that time. He implemented what he learned from Operational Plan Phoenix in Vietnam on silencing the enemy by assassinations, and he is once more implementing it now.

The trail of blood leads to the doorstep of Malacañang. That trail will be followed by the wrath of the people crying out for justice, and they will not be denied. ###

Ruth de Leon
Executive Director
NDFP International Information Office
Fax +31-84-7589930

8:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO miss luli arroyo,

regarding the immigration employee,its better for him to fire out most of them are arrogant dealing w/d their fellow citizen.

8:30 AM

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